Hello world! And welcome beautiful! Yes you….

First steps….one, two, three….now that we are on the move we can really begin.
Welcome beautiful!!
I know you’re thinking um, yeah right. My hair is a mess, my house is a mess, and my life is a mess. I’m cranky, the dog wet on the carpet yet again, and nothing is going right.
I am not beautiful, I am a mess and my life is a train wreck waiting to happen. No one likes me, I am miserable and tired and I’ve had enough….sound familiar?
Yeah, me too…a short time ago. A story for another day.
You know what these words are? These thoughts? These are reflections distorted through our filter that are killing us slowly. These are the things we tell ourselves and you know what? After awhile we believe it. Our thoughts define us and if those thoughts are mean, negative, and nasty then we become these in the flesh.
Let’s get naked shall we? Okay, I don’t mean literally unless you happen to be sitting in bed reading this in the buff and in that case, have at it friend. By naked means to strip away and uncover the cloak of dark and replace it with light, any light. Get up and find a mirror, I’ll wait….okay are your there? Now memorize this phrase and say it out loud, “hello beautiful”.
Stop laughing, I see you….really, say it again and look at your body and say it again a little louder. HELLO BEAUTIFUL. If someone hears and laughs, ignore them, or laugh along because it is true. The first step begins, treating your body and your self as the God or Goddess you are. Until you start to say it, you will never believe it. Go on, say it again…feeling it yet? Okay, I hope so. If I were there, I would say it with you, to you. We need to start by thinking good thoughts about us. About you, me, the people around you. Everyone. If you keep thinking negatively, you will remain in the dark little life you’re living.
Now your task is to repeat this every time you pass a mirror or a window with your reflection. They say once you do something ten times it becomes a habit. You are now tasked with this first step. Keep doing it, and you will be it! This is about you and the life you want for you. Not about a spouse, a child, or a family member. This is about you! Take the time in your life to give yourself a bit of love. As they said there is no happy we without a happy me. Do not care about the we yet, that will come later, so for now this about you and only you.
Great job beautiful, you did perfectly,so now keep it up.
Step one done, check….see, we’re getting somewhere….baby steps….
Congratulations and have I told you yet how beautiful you are? image


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