I’ll have what she’s having….the hidden green monster

Hello beautiful and welcome to another lovely moment in your life. By now I hope your habit is settling nicely into your routine and I will add an extra Hello beautiful to your day in case you’ve forgotten.So today we are going to chat about jealousy. You know what that is, right?  That ugly and never beautiful green-eyed little beast that lies deep under the bridge of your psyche. We all remember the movie “When Harry met Sally”, right?


The restaurant scene had me rolling on the floor in laughter (which is great for the abs and heart by the way) but when looking back at it today I get a sense for what the under lying theme was there. An older woman wanting the passionate bliss of the younger more beautiful woman. You know how that is, right? You see a young gorgeous woman maybe with perfect EVERYTHING and you think to yourself, now that is what I want. Well think about it. If that’s what you want to have, it must mean somewhere deep down inside you are finding yourself lacking. If you want it, it means you don’t have it. Jealousy. It makes you feel like crap because you’ll never be beautiful enough in your mind, or your boobs may be sagging now and you don’t feel attractive any more or you may not have the perfect life you’d always dreamed of. It tells its little tales to your mind that convince you that those tales are truth. The tales are lies. Like monsters under the bed that are going to get you, If you tell yourself they are there, you believe it because if you believe it, it must be true, right? The only tales that are true are the good ones you tell yourself. The ones that bring you up and make you happy. The ones YOU tell YOU. The positive thoughts are all that matter, let go the negative as they serve no use. Cast them away as fast as you can because they are the rocks tied to your legs that will pull you under and drown you.


The next stone of jealousy to be cast away are relationships and your thoughts. Perhaps it goes as far as a couple vibrantly happy that you see out dining or walking down a beach. You know the ones that just exude energy and passion. You look at your own life that may be hum drum and think why can’t I have that? Did you ever think that below your perception of how you see things, that maybe what you see isn’t quite real? Maybe you don’t see the bad times others have gone through, the feelings below the surface of each person before you. Maybe that happy couple is really a husband having an affair with his mistress on holiday. Not so perfect then, is it?


Or maybe the happy masks people wear in public are hiding an abusive life at home, or it could be that they may truly be happy. Great then, but they are not you. The point here is really about you and how you feel about yourself. The next time you see something and think, “I’ll really be happy if I were that beautiful, or if I had that relationship”, ask yourself what is it about your perception that is really driving that want. Change your view on how you see yourself, challenge the inner you to tell yourself that YOU are just as beautiful and are just as happy but in a way that’s about you. Put on some clothes that make you feel amazing and go out into the world acting as if you are amazing because you are. Hold your head high and smile at the world and for once, don’t give a crap about what anyone else thinks. Care only about how you feel. You will become your thoughts. If you want to feel beautiful, know that you are. Don’t rely on someone else to validate the way you feel, because you are the only one that matters. If someone laughs because you are skipping down the road with a song belting out of your lungs because you feel alive, laugh along with them because when others see you filled with joy, they then get visited by the green-eyed monsters. They will look at you and say, “I want what she’s having” and in that moment you will win because you will feel it deep within.  This is my personal view of beautiful:


I see a perfect body, a beautiful dress and a relaxed woman. But what I also see is someone who is not me. I don’t want to be her. She is already her own person as am I. I respect the beauty but I have no illusions that it could be me because I am spectacular the way I am, the way I was born and the way I look. I will get older, I will get more gray and I love who I am. I tell myself each day and that mind-set makes me so happy and free. Free to be me.

We are imperfect people at best on a good day but the difference between the truly happy and the rarely if never happy peeps are the thoughts that we tell ourselves as we wake each day. We can either wake up and say what another crap day it’s going to be (unless it’s about the weather and we KNOW we can’t change that) or we can wake up, stretch our recharged muscles, fling open the window shades like Julie Andrews blissfully running across the meadow and say Hello World, I am here and I am in charge of me and I’m gonna rock this day in a most amazing way. Smile in the mirror, hell, jump up and down and say YES, I am amazing and I am alive. Banish those green nasty thoughts to the bottom of the trash of ugliness and let those rainbow happy YOU ARE AMAZING thoughts shine!




3 thoughts on “I’ll have what she’s having….the hidden green monster

  1. skipmars

    Hope this is not intended strictly for the fairer sex (opps — gender envy?). To live and breathe in your own skin, with your own foibles, with your own eccentricities and peculiarities, is a life-long and thoroughly worthwhile endeavor. I don’t think there’s any magic potion you can drink or concoct to transform you there. It’s the accumulation of time — the crow’s feet and the other scars and badges life bestows and honors us with. It’s the pick-me-up times and dust-me-off moments, repeated like the cycle of days and months and years. It’s the serendipitous breaks through the water’s surface from being down too long to drink in the new air of realization we don’t have all the answers. And that’s okay.

    Nice start. And, as someone once told me, keep it going forward.

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    1. InfiniteZip Post author

      Thank you Skip, and no this site isn’t gender specific but it is for a pick me up kind of site where if you can glean something from the words that makes the life a little better then it’s all worthwhile. We all are on the journey, it’s how we see the journey as we travel. Lessons learned from my journey I share, along with ideas, humor and the occasional reality check☺️ I am glad you enjoyed? It and I can only write about a woman’s point of view…unless you’ve got some guest posting you’d like to do😊 have a beautiful day my awesome friend☺️ Kim



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