All aboard, next stop…destination procrastination

Hello there my beautiful friends and I hope this day is finding you all charged up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after some of you may have lost that hour of sleep. You can’t tell to look at you because you KNOW how beautiful you are. I am writing today about one of my absolute favorite topics…Procrastination. For me this is such a wide topic I will most likely split it into several articles over the next few weeks but today we are going to talk about a healthy exercised body (or in some cases not so much). Hmmm…where to begin. Okay….enough dragging of the feet. Exercise. That word which to me most often ranks right up there with Dieting.
See, I can see the jump up and down excitement on your face over those two words but I can do you one better. I am so awesome….at procrastining. I tell myself often, I’ll find the time or maybe this weekend or as soon as I’m done here wasting time doing what I think is busy work but I know it for what it really is….Now repeat after me….Time Suck….yep, that’s what it is. Be it a video game or daydreaming out the window like the little boy Ralphie from the old Bugs Bunny cartoon…wasting away the moments that make up a dull day….
So, how do we beat this TIME SUCK attitude that we can all have? We know what needs to get done. Now we just need the oomph to get it done. Well I find getting angry at myself (not for real of course) but a mental guilt trip and a speech worthy of a king…see it goes like this.
“Yay, I got the dishes all washed, so now I get to take a break and sit down because you know I’ve been busy at work all day and I need a break. Besides, this way they can drip dry and it won’t be so much more work”. And then I never get back to them.
And then I wake up in the morning and see the pile of now semi dry dishes and I get angry at myself for being a lazy slug and not doing them in the first place….Now I look at the clock and tell myself “girl, had you done them in the first place you wouldn’t be so pissy now”. Sooooo…fast forward to the next night, the next load of what seems some days like a never-ending pile of dishes. As soon as I go into my slug routine, I tell myself “look hon, just think if you get them all done tonight, think how much easier your morning will be” And then I tell myself all the things I’m going to get done instead…morning me time ROCKS….time to read, to write, to NOT have to do dishes. What an amazing concept.
Which gets me back to the original line of thought…see, even my mind procrastinates…Exercise. Yeah, about that….
Did I tell you I have an Amazing yoga DVD? It came in a box with a mat and a book. The mat is nice and cushy and the book shows all the yoga positions you will use during the video. Yeah, it is amazing….except I’ve never even put the DVD into the machine. But the box is pretty. The mat is blue…Yeah, about that. I look at it every day, figuring if I put it near my dresser when I get my wardrobe of awesomeness out I will see it and I will FINALLY try it. Then my brain being the funny little creature it likes to be actually forces me to grab the video, hold it in my dry little hands and words come from nowhere that I knew existed. “Maybe I’ll get fit by osmosis”. If I hold it long enough it surely must work. Now even I know better than that. So, what’s a girl to do? I have dishes to do, I have no time to work out. I have Time to suck away…no time….so I will make a date with myself. Grab that calendar and put in a spot when I know I will get to it. And if I don’t do it, well, I will worry about that when I don’t. Maybe no writing for me until I get it done…what do you think?
What works best for you when it comes to procrastination?
What gets you off your butt and moving?
See, we are doing this together and being imperfect as I’ve said before, we will muddle through together being the beautiful creatures we are….but maybe later. Who knows.
Let me know your thoughts….we can make a difference together.

Sorry I just felt the need to insert the sponge twice…he makes me smile and maybe I will laugh about this later….get it, later???


4 thoughts on “All aboard, next stop…destination procrastination

  1. Steven Farquharson

    I have tried a lot of different things to combat procrastination. Everything from different types of to-do lists, writing down my goals as well as my fears, meditation, finding someone to hold me accountable and on and on.

    Something I have realized is that procrastination is a hard beast to defeat, maybe we never beat it. But as long as you keep trying you’ll get better and better.


    1. InfiniteZip Post author

      That is great, and I think I tend to retreat to the parent child grounded method but with myself…if you don’t dothis, you won’t get that😊 works great for food wants too☺️ Thanks for,the input and welcome my bEautiful new friend😊 I shall try the list too.

      Liked by 1 person


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