Life is tragic without magic

Hello beautiful. I am feeling magical today and wanted to take the time to share some with you. Do you often think to yourself that you need more magic in your life? That “someday you will find it”. Do you have days that start out in the worst way, the kind of mornings where you knew as soon as that foot hit the floor that it was going to be “that kind of day”. I know how you feel as I have many like that, although they usually start out pretty good and then the real world intrudes with the demands of work, family, pets, kids,etc….I am sure you could pick one on any given day and say “yep, that’s where the magic of the day started to fade”.
What do you consider magic? Is it the laughter of a child? Is it a song you heard that lifted you up and set you dancing? Is it a snow angel you made? Maybe it was just a beautiful sunrise or sunset that soothed and let you find the magic of peace.
I didn’t know what magic was for the longest time and that was so very tragic. I was blind to what magic looked like and once I figured out what my idea of magic was, It just cropped up into my life unexpectedly every time I turned around. Do you have days when strange occurrences happen? Do you just set those moments aside and not give them any thought? Do you look at things like it was just a random event, kind of like luck that you think comes to some and not to others? There is a way to find magic. There is a way to tap into the little unexpected things that most overlook and it is called being present. Magic is a present and if you don’t see it for what it is, it will not just open itself to you. You have to see the magic and know that it is there waiting for you.
The best way to do this is to stop for a while and really look at what is before you. It could be something as simple as finding a penny on the ground. Remember the old phrase “find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”? That is kind of where it starts. Things present themselves to you all the time and if it doesn’t seem like very much, know that it is. Give it the time to be appreciated.
I found a white feather once in an unexpected place. I didn’t give it much thought until the next day when I found an even bigger white feather where I would not expect feathers. Now most would think, yeah, okay, so what. I asked some friends if they had ever had that happen and five people answered back that it was a good sign, almost like an angel dropping reminders at my feet to see magic. Ok, I thought, got it. Two days later I found yet another and this time I picked it up and carried it home with me. I held it in my hands and told the universe how grateful I was at this gift. The entire week was amazing and so many good things happened. I met a few new friends who have remained friends a year later. Friends who believed in the magic of life and lived their lives based on that. I was published for the first time ever after finding the white feathers. I took an amazing trip and met a new group of amazing people on a beautiful island. I am so grateful.
So besides the pennies we find, or quarters or even dollars in a melting snow bank (now that is a fun find) where else can we find magic?
In words.
If you read often do you find yourself finding phrases from an author that just resonate with you? Long after the book is closed those words come flowing back to you at unexpected times? Words that bring a smile, that lift you up. Words that make you believe that there is magic in this world. I find these words often but not with as much resonance as something a new friend of mine wrote in a childrens book. Now I do not have children but have always loved fairy tales and a good story. The book is called “Stinky and the Night Mare” and it is by a wonderful author named L.Stewart Marsden. I had requested a copy when he offered as having no children of my own I would never go out and just randomly spend money on a childs book unless a gift for my niece or nephews. My expectations were about scary things and bad dreams, and was unexpectedly surprised when it turned out to be about a child and a magical horse. But it was the beginning poem that stopped me and I could feel that magic starting to bubble from within.
“What would you do,
if you would,
if you could?”
Now stop and let those words sink in. What would you do, if you would, if you could? I sat there for at least an hour and asked myself that question. Talk about freeing the brain and setting it free. I could do lots of things, but would I? If you don’t believe in letting the magic happen and moving forward on it, nothing will ever happen. You need to embrace things, words, thoughts, dreams and anything your mind creates. I know I never want to get to the end of my life and say I wish I would have….If I fail, well then, that’s how I’m going to learn and grow. Let the magic in. Ask yourselves the question again with a willingness to do what your answer may be. Magic happens within too, but it will give you nudges to make itself known. You just have to recognize and embrace those nudges and then it will open up before you like a dream come true. One book reignited my magic. What will it take to reignite yours? Start working on your magic and your dreams. Be present to see what is before you and don’t just dismiss it because it doesn’t make sense or that it may not work out. When you find the magic, you will gather more….it will be everywhere and you will find your days starting off better, and if they do start off in a not so good way, close your eyes and readjust your mind to “what will this day bring?” what magic is out there waiting for you today? I think you may find you will be moving a little perkier just wondering to yourself, now where is that magic….I know you’re out there, now show yourself. It’s a big wide world out there and the magic is waiting…so what are you waiting for?


5 thoughts on “Life is tragic without magic

  1. skipmars

    I knew a man once … we’ll call him Tom, because that was his name … and Tom likened faith to a person climbing up a 10-meter diving platform. You know, the ones we see during the summer Olympic Games. This time, instead of watching someone leap off the end of the platform, it’s you. And to make it more interesting, you are blindfolded.

    You creep carefully to the edge of the platform, your toes curling over like impotent talons.

    “Jump!” a voice instructs. “Let go and jump!”

    “Is there water down there?”

    “Jump and see!” the voice answers, full of mirth.

    Seems to me the one person we lack faith in, and who needs our faith the most, is — guess who? Ourself.

    What would YOU do, if you would … if you could?

    Thanks, Zippo!

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    1. InfiniteZip Post author

      There you go again amazing me with your awesome stories and parables. What would I do if I would, if I could? I’d do it all, and am☺️..chasing the dream and not looking back….listening to the wind and following the invisible thread that pulls me😊 thank you Skip💜

      Liked by 2 people


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