How to rock a gratitude attitude

Hello beautiful. Our actions today are going to define the good from the bad, and the action we are talking about is gratitude. Do you often feel grateful for the gifts in your life, from something tiny to something grand? When you sit down to enjoy a meal either alone or with family, do you take the time to stop and with your prayer or internal thoughts to thank the universe, your God or whatever/whomever you believe in for the bounty before you? Do you then proceed to dive into your food with happy abandon and gobble it up while reading or watching television…and basically making sure your mind is not present and paying attention to what is before you as you eat? Sure, you’re thankful for that mac-n-cheese or steak or even maybe something so simple like a bowl of cereal but you’re really not enjoying it if your mind is elsewhere. Do you take the time to just take a bite, roll it around your mouth and chew it, savoring the flavor and at the same time setting your fork down before scooping more up. Do you notice the colors? Do you wonder about the person who grew the vegetables that are so colorful or the cow that grazed hopefully happily in a meadow that gave you that ice-cold glass of milk? Do you truly feel grateful as you are performing the act of eating as opposed to just being thankful for the meal itself, or that you have that meal at all? Part of being truly grateful and to embrace it in an amazing way is to make it an entire process. Look at the food you are eating, the cheese you are licking off of your fingers or the big birthday cake that someone took the time to make for you. Really think about the act of preparation, the time someone spent, or the money it cost to make you happy. Be grateful for it all.
When you make gratefulness an entire process, it will change the way you think. Be grateful for what actually went in to the meal, the preparation, the thought behind it and hold that in your mind as part of the process. Thank the person who made the meal and if in a restaurant, thank the server who brought it to you and ask that a word of thanks gets passed to the chef. People are not told “thank you” enough. They are not just there to wait on you, to cook for you, they are there making a living (and hopefully grateful for the opportunity) to support their family and doing what they want to with their lives. Maybe it is a recipe that they are excited to share with you, feedback is a wonderful thing to hear when someone enjoys something you do. Look at the presentation of what is before you.
Gratitude is an awesome thing. It makes people glow with appreciation and thanks. Even if you have very little, be grateful always.
On another note, and this is where the bad comes in, when you say you are grateful (for example) prior to a meal, giving thanks and then diving in like a ravenous dog from the alley, finish your meal and then claim it as “just ok”, are you then truly grateful? It’s like the BUT word. “You did an awesome job, but….”
“this food looks really good and I liked it but……”
“that looks really nice on you, but….”
I think you get the idea. If there is a but involved, are you really truly grateful? Think about that for a minute. Have you had times that you felt grateful for something and then almost cancelled out the gratefulness by complaining about it after?
Doesn’t seem quite right, right?
Set about on your day and look for the things to be grateful for. Make a list when you go to bed each night for what you were grateful for and mean it. It can be that you were grateful you woke up not feeling tired and sore for a change, or that the dog made it through the night without making a mess, or that the baby slept all night and you did too. Anything. Everything. And all else in between. You will notice you will be more present in searching for the great things to be grateful for and when you go through your day, people will notice. You will begin to change. Your attitude will be lifted…and you will truly have a gratitude attitude.
You will feel light, happy and free and when people ask, tell them you are grateful for it all and smile.


2 thoughts on “How to rock a gratitude attitude

    1. InfiniteZip Post author

      Hello beautiful and welcome to an amazing Friday….going to be a great day, up earlier than normal but filled with energy and getting into spring mode, awaiting the hounds frolicking in the woods….💜 guess what’s happening☀️☀️⛄️ its melting….finally☺️ life feels amazing!!!!

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