Got list? Time 2 Get 1….

Hello you beautiful shining people. It’s finally Friday but that shouldn’t matter when every day is awesome, right? If the sun is shining, the day is flowing smoothly and all is well in your world then congratulations on reaching perfection.
Today our topic is going to be about lists.
Do you make a list to go grocery shopping each week? Deciding what’s on sale (if that matters to you) or do you just aimlessly walk the aisles in search of good vittles? Do you plan a menu for the week? Do you know what you’re going to eat for the week or do you tend to be spontaneous?
Do you know where you’re going to….(theme from Mahogany for those old enough to remember)…just a bit of fun of course, but really, do you?
When you were young were you asked “what are you going to be when you grow up?” or did you already know? The reason I bring this up is this. If you are like me, forty some years later I was still deciding. I wasn’t ready to grow up (I laughingly thought in my head) so how should I know what I wanted to do when I got there? What was my passion and what made me the happiest? Well, that was a lot of things but until I sat down and really gave it some thought and made a LIST, I did not know. If you already know and are following your dream, hooray and congratulations!!! That is simply awesome! REALLY!!! But for the rest of us we need a place to start.
When you were little you most likely wrote to the big man in the red P.J’s each Christmas and asked him for a boatload of stuff. Toys, rarely clothes, just fun stuff, right? Well think of it that way. Write yourself a list. Ask yourself what do I want out of my life…Where do I want to go….What would really make my life awesome….that kind of thing. Write it all out and say it out loud. Does it sound right? Does it get you excited just thinking about the possibilities? Now say it louder, like you really mean it. Like running outside at midnight banging pots and pans and shouting to the world Happy New Year, shout your wishes, your wants, your goals to the world…do it.
If you don’t get it out there, it will never happen. Dreams die slow deaths when we keep them inside. The universe needs to know exactly what you want to help you make it happen. It does.
If you didn’t ask the big man for the gifts, how was the big man’s parents supposed to buy them for you? You will not get what you want if you do not put it out there in a clear concise way.
So write that list….are ya done yet? Ok, I’ll wait.
Alright, list is done while you sipped that awesome latte and you may have even added to it. That is great. The more you think on it, the more you will find you will add. The magic of life happens when we at make a start and you have to start.
So the list. Read it every day. OUT LOUD. If you get feedback from your family that is skeptical, ignore them. Believe in yourself if no one else does. Regardless of what anyone says do this. Ask them what their dreams or goals are. Most likely they will tell you none, that’s why they want to step on yours like an ant and make it go away. You are going to gain confidence and if this is something new, it will scare some people. That’s ok, because this is YOUR journey, not theirs. You have to walk the path, make the list and believe in it.
So you’ve got the list,, now what? Well now you make another list. What can you do to start working toward that dream? What resources will you need, whose help, etc…go to sleep each night and ponder it and you may find you wake with an answer in your mind. But ask yourselves these questions.
Let me know how your list works out and if you want to share, of course feel free. The most fun part of this life is that you may think your dream is too far to reach for but once you put it out there, if someone else reads it and can help, most likely they will because they have dreams too and maybe you can help them. It is like a big family of dream makers out there that read, that want to see their list get accomplished because at the end of the day, nothing feels better than crossing that dream off like done, baby, check. Now what’s next?
Happy pondering and have an amazing dream listing weekend.


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