Living a full life (after a bag of gummy bears of course)

Hello most beautiful people of this universe!!! It is Monday again and that means I had a light lunch and actually had time to chat before going back to the joy known as work. I hope your week was amazing and that good things and good thoughts are flowing through you like a wildfire. Burn it up baby, burn it up like the sun because you shine.
I’ve spent the weekend actually getting off of my ass for a change (just kidding) but doing some actual muscle exerting movement. Filling boxes with the clutter I have managed to accumulate for the last 29 years (yeah, I’m 29…and have been for many years now) and actually taking the time to be present in my life. Trinkets and doo dads I lift up from a drawer and I stop and ponder where they came from and a lot of the time asking myself why am I attached to this item? You know, that is probably one of the hardest things I’ve been doing lately. As each item goes either in the garbage bag or into the box to be sold in the near future I almost hesitate. It is SO very hard. Memories are attached to these pieces in many cases. I ask myself, if I died tomorrow, what is going to happen to all of this? The answer being, same thing I was doing now. It has no meaning to anyone else except to me. Then I ask myself do I really need this to remember these memories? Photographs live in a box, pulled out occasionally but other than that, everything else is just stuff. Do I need it? or do I want it?
Most of the times I am answering with a file it to the sell bag. I emptied out almost an entire drawer (my bedroom junk drawer). When I was done I felt a little bitter-sweet about the whole thing but later as I lay down to sleep I know I made the right choices. These things do not define me. I can live a full life without them. I can write about them someday if I feel the need but once I walked away, I said my goodbye and out they went. I’ve done this in other areas of my life too.
I have been so busy moving that when it is time to sit down to eat to nourish my body I am finding I am not that hungry. I used to be the gal who had at least two helpings and now I can barely finish my food. So knowing this, I put less on my plate to begin with. I went shopping and cruised the snacky aisle….the one with the chocolate and yummies that I always seem to crave. Not being a big chip eater that aisle never calls to me but the sweets, now that is another story. So much to choose from. BUT, every time I picked something up, the little munchkin in my head said, nah, not in the mood for that and I in turn agreed and put it back. Finally deciding on a small bag of gummy bears. They amuse me with their bright colors and chewy texture and the candy crush game is a fave of mine if only for the fact that I like to find the bears. So sitting out in the sun on a break from my work of sorting crap, I pop open that bag and pop a few in my pie hole. Chewy and soft I drank some water to wash the remnants down and I was sad. They didn’t have much taste. They didn’t make me happy. I really didn’t want them. In the past I would have eaten them all, every last one and not to even share any. Now my joy of the gummy was gone. Why? I loved them and I wanted them and now, meh….could live without them. So what changed? I did. I am listening to my body. I am fueling it with better quality and nicer things. Fresh green beans, hard-boiled eggs (minus the dry icky yolk),nuts (brazil) and a chunk of creamy blue cheese spread on just a few crackers. These things have my taste buds jumping for joy. I am not even eating it all, just a few as I sit with friends and socialize. I am eating to nourish, not to just squelch a craving only to have a sugar crash later. I feel awesome. I am walking with my back straighter, sitting that way too and sleeping so soundly not all bloaty and weighed down with gummies that probably are not even digestible. I have lost 6 pounds in the last week and a half and now I am truly excited. I am making the changes in my mind and in my life/surroundings. I am going minimal and good quality and I will be the rock star Goddess if I can help it. I will because I can. When I started this blog I knew that thoughts are what you become. If you feel like a lump, you will carry yourself like a lump. If you feel amazing, you will carry yourself as if you are amazing because you are!!! You will make changes in your life because you want to, because you know that even just one change is the catalyst for more. If you do nothing, you get nothing. If you try, you will succeed.
I stood up to the little red, yellow, clear and green gummy bears who were like a little army in a bag tempting me to find them and demolish them. I came, I tried a few, and I walked away. I think they were probably sad, and most likely went to hide behind the honey squares. (Eating the honey is good, eating the bears, no)
I’ve won the game. I’ve advanced to the next stage. I can either ask my friends for help when needed to keep moving forward or I can sit there on the same spot forever and be miserable. I choose to win. I choose to get off the couch, put the game aside and really show the world what this girl can do. I will continue to let things go from my cluttered life. I will pack up the boxes and if someone wants to buy these trinkets, I will give them my blessing and maybe tell them what it had meant to me. Take these things off my shoulders and feel the burdens lightened. I will put the fork down after maybe a second helping of salad or beans and I will banish the gummies forever. So take that you little rubber bear I think as I try to crush him under my foot. Real life candy crush….but he won’t smush….geez, I wonder what that thing is really made of….and now he is stuck in my slip resistant shoe tread…..crap.
Peace and blessings to you, now get out there and make just one change. Your mind, your mood, your eating habit, or anything you desire. Just one….you’ll be surprised when you see how good it feels. If you need a little sugar boost, I’ve got a half bag of gummy bears for sale.
No time to play, back to work….chop chop…..see ya soon my friends.


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