On the importace of honesty

Hello most beautiful souls and welcome to another day of your amazing life. I hope things have been going well for you and that all you want and desire is being manifested for you by this amazing universe. Today I am going to share some things I’ve been learning about the truest and most important gift you can bestow upon yourself. I am not talking chocolate or clothes or a fine trip or anything, that’s easy peasy stuff. I want to talk about honesty and truth. A friend of mine who I make a lunch date with each week to talk on the phone long distance for an hour about what we are discovering on our journeys to self, had a nice talk yesterday on just this topic. Being honest with yourself. Now if you’re like me you can put on your rosy tinted or purple tinted in my case glasses and look at life with what you think are amazing eyes and can usually talk  yourself into the most pleasant of moods by doing this, right? I mean when you get up in the morning and put your foot on the floor it’s you who start the day by deciding on how you are going to treat it, and maybe tell yourself how it’s going to treat you (not so good if you happen to step immediately into a pile of dog doody-(not that that’s ever happened) but you make choices in your life from the moment you get up till the moment you go to bed. It’s your choice. All of it. What to put in your pie hole to what snazzy outfit you are going to wear, to what route you’re going to take to work and morphs into how you are going to treat those around you. Well what happens when you wake up and you feel like crap? What happens when that alarm goes off and you realized you set it an hour too late. You get angry with yourself and if you’re like me,  you like to tell yourself that you can get beyond this stuff. You can let the drama go and get over it and life will be all sunshine and rainbows, right? Well what if it isn’t? What then? What if you know better but still get bogged down in the slime of life because you just don’t feel like dealing with this crap? Blame it on the moon in Cancer….blame it on what you want, but acknowledge how you feel. Sit down for a few minutes and just stop and think. Stop treating yourself so harshly for being human. You are allowed to have any feelings you want to and you can act any way you want to as long as it doesn’t affect someone else in a negative way….don’t be the one to piss on their cheerios……Be honest with yourself. Why are you feeling this way? Own your feelings. Talk to someone about your feelings, but be honest. I’ve been so busy lately and not following my own rules. I have my fingers in so many things I think at the time is what I want to do, but once the avalanche starts moving towards me I am finding alot of what I thought I wanted to do, isn’t making me happy. Signing up for this, that, and the other thing leaves me lately feeling overwhelmed. I don’t like myself when I am not at peace and I knew I had to do something about it, but first I had to be honest with myself. What is really important to me? What can be shelved for another date without upsetting me or someone else too terribly? I wake up to over 100+ emails and those aren’t including the ones I contend with when I get into work.  My brain goes 80 miles an hour when I wake up and doesn’t stop till I fall into bed exhausted when the sun is barely setting. Something had to change and for that to happen I needed to be honest with how I was feeling, what I am capable of doing and for that matter, what do I really need and want to do. Some were quite a shock to me to realize that I was doing something that was benefitting someone else but was not being true to what I feel and want. I’ve always been afraid of incurring the wrath of someone for not doing what they wanted or what I was supposed to. It’s funny but when it comes right down to it and you can be honest with yourself, others see that truth and most of the times are not angry. They may be hurt but honesty is so very important to everyone. I am moving lately towards spending my time in quality ways, with quality people and when I want to. If someone wants something and I am unwilling at the time to do it, I just say no. I don’t need to give an explanation and I don’t need to justify myself, just a simple no, I’m sorry but I can’t. If they raise a stink about it, then they’re not the kind of people that you need to bother too much with, plain and simple. Sometimes it has to be about you….for your sanity, for your happiness and most of all for your peace. Be honest. What can it hurt? It will most certainly help.


2 thoughts on “On the importace of honesty

  1. gettingthroughanxiety

    This is a very good and insightful post. It can be hard to tell others that we don’t want to do something; sometimes we are so afraid to disappoint. However, sometimes we have to do what is best for us. Thanks for the reminder. I hope you have a good day!

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    1. InfiniteZip Post author

      Thank you, I am having such a great weekend. Coming out of my element. Started reading E Cubed (thought I had grabbed her first book) Oh and what a joy I am finding it to be. I think E Squared was her first but it is about happiness and miracles and changing our way of thinking…..I am reading in small doses but am getting so much out of it. I am glad you enjoyed this piece from me, little reminders are always a good thing and they always seem to come about when we need it most. Have an awesome day. Kim



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