Lessons learned in grouting…..(you CAN do it too!)

Hello my beautiful friends,
I hope this day is bright and shining for you and that you are smiling, having fun or perhaps even sleeping in if that’s what floats your boat today. I slept in yesterday and for the life of me, cannot remember the last time I had done that. It felt good. It was awesome, and I wasn’t even mad at myself for doing it. When the body needs its batteries recharged, it always behooves us to listen to the prompts it gives us.
I also hit the book store yesterday and spent a little dough on a gift for a friend (it always makes me happy to give gifts that I think will make someones day a little brighter) and I bought myself one too while I was at it. The book I grabbed is E-Cubed. I thought I had picked up E-Squared and was a bit dismayed once I started reading to find I had “part two” in my fingers. I am always fearful of reading a second in a series before the first, but in this case I don’t think it really matters in the big scheme of things. I am adoring this book. It is making me think. It is making me smile and being a big proponent of manifesting, it was right up my alley. It is written by Pam Grout in case you want to run out and grab a copy. I had heard great things about the first book and am running the tests asking the universe for silly things. I’ll be damned but it’s working….but I knew it would….
So about the whole grout thing…
We are getting the house ready to sell and the tile floor needed to be grouted in spots and re glued where the tiles had come up. Now Kimmie says to herself, this is man’s work….I don’t know how to do crap like that….I can paint, I can stain and I can dance naked like a hot MOFO but grout? Nope, not my thing. Well a week has gone by and it still had not been done and now I’m getting a bit, shall I say, grumpy? about the whole affair. I am told it’s not hard to do so WHY on God’s green earth are feet (not mine I must say) being dragged in getting this job done ??? Short Answer….Who cares! I let it go and said screw it, I can do this. I will be an amazing grouter. I can slap some junk in the cracks and smooth it out like moisturizer on a wrinkle monster. Yep, why not? (I spackle the wrinkles daily just to keep them happy)
Got my bucket of water, my pail of pretty charcoal grey grout, my big metal thingy and put on some classic rock to boogie to while I worked. BOOM two hours later and done. Mastered it like a PRO I must say. So what did I learn from this, or what did I find so amusing in hindsight? Here I am going out of my comfort zone doing something I thought I couldn’t do and I mastered it. I just said to myself, “girl, what have you got to lose?” I had fun. I sang to the dogs that were watching, I danced on my butt and I rocked that job. I am woman grout master, see me spackle…..and I even cleaned all of the crap up that I used to do the job too. Tidy and clean and now I am writing to you about my adventure in grouting. So what began my day? Reaching for the rising sun and being happy. Singing happy songs and spending time with my new book….which is written by Pam Grout. Get the gist? Grout. I did a double dose of Grout and I embraced it. There’s nothing I can’t do. I just need to get out there and do it. I can’t be afraid of the unknown, I need to rush headlong into life laughing like a banshee and yelling “Watch this shit Peeps” see me fly.
What an amazing feeling. Learning and loving it on a Sunday afternoon.
So what have you learned new lately that’s left you feeling proud, accomplished and happy? Share it with the world ’cause we can all learn from each other and embrace the good things that are happening in our world.
Let me know….would love to hear about it. As I told the hubs when he came in to peruse the job I did, “so easy a cave Kimmie can do it”. Yep, I rock…..Now what can I break and fix next? Hmmmm…the possibilities are endless…..
Oh, and this isn’t me…..maybe yesterday but certainly not today.
Peace and love and learning happy.


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