How to enjoy life….(step away from that device)

Hello most amazing people. You are all looking so very beautiful and fit and tanned today. The summer is upon us full throttle and I saw the weather forcast this morning and thought life had ended and we were all in hell. I mean 90+ degrees, really? Now here I am trying to sell our house and hot, sweltering, and I get the “why can’t I be swimming in the pond instead of next door in the shade at the neighbors cabin trying to keep the dogs in check?” attitude. Oh, and they have only an outhouse at the cottage…and no running water….and the realtors never call us when they’re done so two days of showings later spending an hour and a half each showing and waiting patiently when I could be floating like a scoop of ice cream in rootbeer but in a pond. They never call to tell us they’re done….kind of rude I thought even after we told them to. But such as life and I get over it and I am actually enjoying this hot balmy weather and with the ultimate move to Florida, that is a great feeling. I am embracing it. I am giving myself a big damp hug and saying “baby, this is just the start”, and then I visualize Buffalo in the winter and if I am in Florida by then, WOW. From hell to the arctic and back. Ok, it’s not really hell and I was just kidding that it was….hell is when I’m stuck in a group environment and no one is talking to each other….if sitting around the campfire, the flickering flames cast an eerie glow, leaving our faces in shadow…but what’s that I see? The glow of a phone, or two, or five…..What ever happened to conversation? The stuff you have with the person sitting next to you….the tales you weave, the songs you may sing (kumbaya comes to mind for campfires for some reason). Hey, how’s your day? Let’s start there….and you get the mumbled response. They are looking down, not at you and their mind is somewhere but certainly not here at this moment. Now I think that is just the saddest thing. Really, we are supposed to be connected by the universal invisible string (picture super big ginormous piece of tooth floss) tying us all in together in this big amazing world and you want to sit and text your friend who is sitting next to you?
Wow, now that is just sad.
Have you ever sat next to someone and looked into their eyes for an extended amount of time and just marveled at the thoughts that ran through your head? Maybe wondered what they are thinking at the same exact moment? It is an incredible feeling and it connects you to others in such a simple way.
Take for example my bestie…
My bestie is in California? camping (well, she lives in Cali but I’m not sure if she is camping in the state) but anyway, we met at a conference of sorts on infinite possibilities in Key West six months ago. She was older than me and kind of took me in like a mother duck. Well one of the exercises we had was to pick the person next to us and just sit there and stare into each others eyes and connect. We had to wish something for them or describe what we saw when we looked inward so deeply. Well her and I have become the best of buds, and she is camping. Away from technology and the world at large…old school camping pretty much with a group but alone ultimately. I am so very jealous in a way but so very happy for her opportunity to prove that she can do it…unless there’s an earthquake which I hope not. But to do something like that, getting completely away and not at a hotel with a tv or radio or endless distraction. So I did a little experiment the other day and went off the grid for three days. I didn’t even open my ipad which is my email/FB/everything connection to the world. I would walk by it and reach out to flip the cover and gently remind myself that ‘NOPE”, you are not to touch it. I spent time outside, I hugged a tree, I danced in the garage with the dogs when no one was watching. I TALKED to real life people. I put the gadgets away and you know what I found? Peace. Yes, Peace and damn did it feel good. I felt centered. I felt alive and at one. I took in the sights and scents of fresh air, I sat by the pond and watched the fish swish around and got downright giddy when I heard an owl one morning making its hooty sounds. I smiled, and it was enough. I was where I needed to be, present in the moment and aware of it.
Sadly day four and back to reality with 264 emails to respond to. I knocked those off, rearranged my priorities and got rid of somethings I thought I wanted to deal with but ultimately measured against would it make me happy to continue down that path, if I answered no, I gently pressed the delete button. I love this life I am given and these days are rushing by so very quickly. I don’t want to be the one in the end wondering what kind of quality life did I leave? Was I creative, putting something beautiful and inspiring out into this world or did I carelessly fritter it away on what in the end would amount to nothing? I chose quality over distraction and feel much better for it. If I had one take away from it, it brought into my memory my friend who died a few months ago short of her 28th birthday (or possibly 29th). The last time she came to dinner as we sat discussing our days (her, myself and hubs) I remember feeling so let down as she held the phone in her hand throughout the meal and spent most of it looking into her lap texting. I hope it was important but I would have instead liked to have had the words from her lips that will now no longer ever be. Wasted time is lost time and I’m tired of losing it needlessly. I will set aside one day a week now and go off the grid. I will turn off the phone, the ipad and I will live. I will sing, and laugh and perhaps even swim in that pond on a gorgeous sunny hell hot day and I will relish in the memories I will make. I don’t need a selfie of my life. It lives in my mind and will till I die.
Give it a try my friends. It will be hard for sure, but once you do it and you listen to the whisper of the wind through the trees or hear an apple fall and that dull thunking sound it makes as it hits the ground, or the drone of the big bulky bumblebee humming in a flower, then you know you are tuned into the greatest frequency. The frequency of life. Let me know if you do and if you feel more at peace. Be alive and in the meantime, see you on the peaceful side.
Peace and blessings,

PS. not sure what day I may pick to go off the grid, we have some rain coming in the next few days and I’m thinking of porch rocking (under protected roof of course) in a lightning storm may just be what the peace doctor ordered. Care to join in? I’ll set out an extra chair. photo is my happy messy desk at home….lots of fun and color. Set loose the inner child.


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