Once in a blue moon….moments of sublime joy

Hello my beautiful friends and welcome to another day in the life. I hope you had a chance where you live to check out the amazing blue moon we had the other night. I love a full moon and that night was no exception. I find my moods improve and I feel quite grounded. Usually the week leading up to it can be a bit trying with moods and emotion but once that big bright round orb sits in the sky above my head, well that is when the magic truly begins.
I had the chance to reunite with my father after an almost thirty year hiatus. It was through a slew of chance coincidences and manifesting the moment was truly one of the most inspiring things I can remember in quite a long time. I can’t say I have very many times in my life where people pop back into your life like a jack rabbit and now I long for more, not just for a father returning to orbit in my life, but of friends and anything else that was missing for awhile. It’s like finding something you thought you would never see again and then boom, there it is. A piece of jewelry, a book you had lent out and always had wondered what had become of it. The thought is always somewhere in the back of your mind but with the ongoing rush of life, it trickles slowly away until it becomes a dog eared page of memory somewhere in the mind.
Well the full moon brought up so many thoughts and truly I am still processing many of them but have also taken away alot of wisdom (at least for me) that I can carry forward on my journey to awesomeness. Please, use any and all that you want as I think they are important to remember and utilize to make life just that more special.

1. Laughter is the sweetest memory to carry with you. Remembering things said that made you laugh like a child again and pulling those thoughts out when you need them most. If nothing else a smile will be had and that always helps.

2. There are always two sides to every story and if you aren’t part of either side but somewhere in the middle like the Oreo cream, always stay there. Life wasn’t easy on the outside and with the passing of time perceptions change of who, what, where, he said, she said, etc….be the cream and stay in between.

3. Let go of any anger. It serves no one. Breathe in the moment and be happy for the now. You can’t change the past but you can move forward into the future with joy.

4. Forgive. It costs nothing except maybe an inner battle with yourself to keep hanging on to it, after all, it’s always known it to be this way so why change, right? Well to forgive and let go is like the anger above. You can’t hold grudges or create new ones to take the place of the old. It will drain you and leave you sad and angry and we all know that it isn’t a great place to be. To be happy and truly love, forgive.

5. Embrace the special times, like blue moons on high and reunions that finally happened. This moment will not come again in the same way. Go to sleep at night remembering the specialness of words that were said, hugs that were given, tears that were shed and all that is good.

6. Be grateful. You deserve all of the good in this world but to truly enjoy it and receive even more, you must be grateful of it all. It just is the way it has to be.

7. Believe in magic. Good things will happen if you move your thoughts into the mindset of what you truly want. Let the fears go and just let it happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff and wonder well, what if? Let it all go and just repeat in your mind what you want and it may not happen now or tomorrow, but you will set your life in motion to allow it to come into your life.

8. Be yourself. You can’t be anyone else so just be you. Maybe someone told you in the past how to act, how to live, etc….just be you. Don’t make excuses. If you want to laugh and be goofy, do that. If you want more joy, spread more around. But be who you are, who you were meant to be. If you fail at it, get up and keep trying.

9. Share your thoughts with those that matter. If they disregard or disrespect your feelings, well then you know that those are not the people who should be in your life. Adjust accordingly and set the sails and move on away from the anchor dragging you down.

10. Just enjoy each moment of your life as if it is your last. Talk to strangers on the bus, hug longer, cry when you feel sad, keep the memories fresh and alive and keep making more. Don’t wait for someday to do what you want to do, do it now. Tomorrow may be too late and living with regrets will never make a person joyful or happy. Do it. Get out there now and do it.

I lived the most inspiring and awesome days this past weekend, found an old friend (Dad) who has truly become “Dad” now, let go of an old friend (Zip) to the wind and earth of our home, saw a full blue moon, was given the most special gifts of the heart, and saw rain and sun and thunder all at the same time in the sky above me. I sat beside tranquil waters and truly laughed till it hurt. I forgave. I felt alive again and whole.
This life is truly amazing. I couldn’t ask for more but you know what? I will. I will rush headlong into the day and wrap my arms around the joy of my soul and say we’re not done till I say were done and that is that. Look out world, here I come. Come on, you can come too or if you’re not ready, will meet you on the way.
Peace and blessings X Infinity.

And about the photo: was showing Dad all the fun one can have on an ipad camera. This was just one of our silly stretch faces. Still laughing. Really, we look amazing in real life.


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