Missing in action

The white dirty wires wiggled back and forth. The pressure gage remained low, wiggle the wires back and forth again….is there something wrong with the connection? Running fingers and grasping to push forward, connecting the metal screws as volts of energy run through the fingers round the body before the fingers could be pulled back. A scream of terror, of pain courses through as the dog runs frantically up the stairs to hide on the couch. Sitting there as breath moves quickly in and out, fingers red with a throbbing beat that matches the heartbeat. I’m not ready to die was all I could say. 

Electrocution was not on my agenda on Saturday but it all turned out ok. Lessons learned the hard way. I was not patient. I was in a hurry. I was not being present in the moment. I was still dwelling on conversations from the last few weeks with people that were replaying back in my mind like a broken record on 78 speed. The water pressure low because I had forgotten I had laundry going and it had nothing to do with the pump but I had to win the fight, had to get shit done…..had a house showing and felt the pressure building. I guess the jolt brought me back down to earth rather quickly. I walked out into the sun after cuddling the fearful shaking dog and just stood there. Wow….not fun but it was my call to stop and just let it go.

Appreciate the things that are going right, the earth is gonna move with or without me so I may as well stick around and enjoy the ride. This summer is flying by but maybe I can make it slow down, notice the trees as the leaves change color. Appreciate the people I have in my life even more while I have them. Appreciate myself too enough to slow the hell down and pay attention. I’ve been so tired lately and I think a lot of it is just the involvement in everything around me, but not ME. I am listening more to those around me and a lot of the time finding out that people can be mean. That while locked into their own insecurities it enables them to speak out against others faults. I know as I’ve been guilty too in the mean girl mentality, not oftenand rarely but once is enough, right? I hear words and I just want to float away and not be a party to it. But how do you handle someone who is being the mean party in a conversation? I changed the topic and it went away but it made me think of how many times I’ve talked to people and perhaps said something that could be construed as mean? Would I have wanted to know? Maybe I didn’t mean it the way it sounded? Communication can be a tricky thing and I am still learning everyday but in the meantime turning into bubble girl slipping away on the wind to avoid the talk that is needed. If I am going to slow down and enjoy this lovely life, I too must slow down my words and make sure I mean what I say and not say it mean. I want to be that person who will be remembered in a good light. So if we are talking and I’m not saying much, it is because I want to savor what I am hearing and interpret it correctly and not just assume you are being a jackass….just kidding, needed a light hearted moment there. Does it make sense? I often wonder myself as there is so much good in this world and I want to surround myself with goodness and truth and honest feelings, I need to walk away from the people bashing, the comments said light heartedly but That still ring in the ears with the ambulance shrill siren of truth. I hate walking away from a conversation and berating myself for not speaking up, even though the conversation was about someone I didn’t know….by not speaking up, did I just perpetuate the behavior? Let me know what you think I should have done.

So back to the of the  topic at hand, I want to savor each word because you never know when it will be the last, I want to really feel your thoughts, I want to hold hands with those I’m missing and love with each passing day. I want to wake up smiling because it is going to be a beautiful day, rain, snow or glorious sunshine. I want to slow down and take it all in as if today is my last day. I want to know I am thought of in a good way. I want to know I am loved. I am human. I am not perfect but I will keep trying at least to be a better me. If I can’t stay a part of your conversation that sits on my chest like a bolt of electricity, I apologize for the far away look in my eyes as I dream I turn into a shining bubble and float up a little higher than I am now. Someday I may speak out but not right at this second because really, I have too much good happy living to do and can’t be slowed down by the chain of negativity they are trying to tie me up in. 

I apologize for the rant my beautiful friends and if I said anything shocking. I am just tired of the petty meanness of gossip and backstabbing that seems to be taking over around me some days. Mean people suck is my favorite sticker I’ve ever seen and it holds so much truth. I don’t want to play a part of unfolding drama, I just want to live a happy peace life filled with joyous happy people. No downer Debbie’s or nasty Nellies need to apply, no vacancy. Sorry. Life is just too short, truly shocking I know….truly.
note….this is not for any specific person, just a culmination of many events in the last few weeks that have been draining my energy and happy life blood. I need to regain me and maybe by writing this out it is my read for reminding myself to step away from the dark and run like hell back to the light….and to quit playing with wires while distracted too.⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ thanks for letting me carry on. Zip (not to ever be confused with Zap) peace and blessings beautiful ones. K


4 thoughts on “Missing in action

  1. Ka Malana@Fiestaestrellas.com

    Dear Zip not to ever be confused with ZAP,
    When you write, “If we are talking and I’m not saying much, it is because I want to savor what I am hearing and interpret it correctly and not just assume you are being a jackass….just kidding, needed a light hearted moment there. Does it make sense?” Yes. It makes sense. You also made me laugh. As I was reading your words, I felt glad that I could just ‘listen’ you know? The drama will go away on its own, hopefully. Hopefully. Just briefly before reflecting on your words, I was witnessing my own sense of ‘living in former moments,’ wondering “if I” or “should I of” … and it’s really a good thing that no one has actually gotten electrocuted. Be safe my friend 🙂 I love your dog, too.
    Warmly, Ka

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    1. InfiniteZip Post author

      Thank you Ka, I am usually in my little peace bubble and it seems lately too much excess ,shall we say opinions?, in conversations seem to get to me…instead of just joining, I grow weary of the negative…and the funny thing is, I know if I wasn’t there, the same talk would be made about me….as I grow older I am less tolerant but I can still be funny occasionally too😊 thanks so much dear Ka. Truly appreciate these words😊 Kim

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      1. Ka Malana@Fiestaestrellas.com

        Hi Kim, I may not have mastered this by any means, but I’ve been finding more and more the need to just to focus on the positive aspects of what someone is saying. I know how truly trying that can be so I can empathize. Maybe we all are feeling a little homesick for relief from opinions. lol. all while we have our own and try to keep it to ourselves to keep it from overwhelming the world with opinions. Sometimes I am hesitant to write comments, because one moment I am here and the next moment I am not online, or elsewhere online, and I don’t want to be speaking from out of left field, you know? You are welcome, thanks for letting me know that you appreciated them. ❤ Ka Let us be free from negs. Peace bubbles are comfy! Btw, i just found this mantra again if your into that sort of thing, just in case…since it came to mind:
        Hung Vajra Peh
        All my best wishes to you,

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      2. InfiniteZip Post author

        Hi Ka, I know how comments can be…I love them but may not get back to them for a day or so because of time constraints. I always cherish the words from my friends and this was more of a rant over two episodes when it was all just so negative. I try too to be positive and hang out in left field quite often…no fears😊 just trying to hang in my peace bubble as often as I can😀 peace and joy, K

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