What would happen if you could wake up and be the person you always wanted to be?

What would happen if your thoughts could make your life turn into the grandest and most awesome thing in the world?

What if you could start each morning happy and with heart that feels so light and free and that you can start your day thinking “yes, I can do this…I can be the person I long to be”?

As children we are told that we can be anyone we want to be, that our wildest dreams are out there waiting for us and that all we have to do is believe. We can have money, love, and any life we imagine….hmmmmm….and you shake your head yes and then ask yourself, well self, what the hell happened ?

Fast forward  today. What now? How do we turn back the clock and find our awesome selves again….well beautiful, we do it one step at a time and we start with our thoughts. We will re-invent ourselves to be who we really long to be! with who we were meant to be.

We need to be Healthy, happy and blissful creatures that need to get past the things that try to conform us into the little selves that we have become. Are you caught up in the drama of those around you? Helping to spread the gossip (which means not only saying it but by being present when others are unleashing the darkness) and not walking or running away from negative thoughts that are slowly killing us (as we should be)? You know it, I know it and in this blog we are going to come together to form a community of love and awesomeness and we will walk away smiling saying “hell yeah, I am awesome and I will shine my light” and we will be amazing together….now let’s get to work on the Re-invention intention.

Baby steps friends……flying high comes later.

Come along on the journey and let’s reinvent together….and this world and your life will be a much brighter and better place. You’ll see. You are amazing. You are a rock star….now lets go shine!



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