Once in a blue moon….moments of sublime joy

Hello my beautiful friends and welcome to another day in the life. I hope you had a chance where you live to check out the amazing blue moon we had the other night. I love a full moon and that night was no exception. I find my moods improve and I feel quite grounded. Usually the week leading up to it can be a bit trying with moods and emotion but once that big bright round orb sits in the sky above my head, well that is when the magic truly begins.
I had the chance to reunite with my father after an almost thirty year hiatus. It was through a slew of chance coincidences and manifesting the moment was truly one of the most inspiring things I can remember in quite a long time. I can’t say I have very many times in my life where people pop back into your life like a jack rabbit and now I long for more, not just for a father returning to orbit in my life, but of friends and anything else that was missing for awhile. It’s like finding something you thought you would never see again and then boom, there it is. A piece of jewelry, a book you had lent out and always had wondered what had become of it. The thought is always somewhere in the back of your mind but with the ongoing rush of life, it trickles slowly away until it becomes a dog eared page of memory somewhere in the mind.
Well the full moon brought up so many thoughts and truly I am still processing many of them but have also taken away alot of wisdom (at least for me) that I can carry forward on my journey to awesomeness. Please, use any and all that you want as I think they are important to remember and utilize to make life just that more special.

1. Laughter is the sweetest memory to carry with you. Remembering things said that made you laugh like a child again and pulling those thoughts out when you need them most. If nothing else a smile will be had and that always helps.

2. There are always two sides to every story and if you aren’t part of either side but somewhere in the middle like the Oreo cream, always stay there. Life wasn’t easy on the outside and with the passing of time perceptions change of who, what, where, he said, she said, etc….be the cream and stay in between.

3. Let go of any anger. It serves no one. Breathe in the moment and be happy for the now. You can’t change the past but you can move forward into the future with joy.

4. Forgive. It costs nothing except maybe an inner battle with yourself to keep hanging on to it, after all, it’s always known it to be this way so why change, right? Well to forgive and let go is like the anger above. You can’t hold grudges or create new ones to take the place of the old. It will drain you and leave you sad and angry and we all know that it isn’t a great place to be. To be happy and truly love, forgive.

5. Embrace the special times, like blue moons on high and reunions that finally happened. This moment will not come again in the same way. Go to sleep at night remembering the specialness of words that were said, hugs that were given, tears that were shed and all that is good.

6. Be grateful. You deserve all of the good in this world but to truly enjoy it and receive even more, you must be grateful of it all. It just is the way it has to be.

7. Believe in magic. Good things will happen if you move your thoughts into the mindset of what you truly want. Let the fears go and just let it happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff and wonder well, what if? Let it all go and just repeat in your mind what you want and it may not happen now or tomorrow, but you will set your life in motion to allow it to come into your life.

8. Be yourself. You can’t be anyone else so just be you. Maybe someone told you in the past how to act, how to live, etc….just be you. Don’t make excuses. If you want to laugh and be goofy, do that. If you want more joy, spread more around. But be who you are, who you were meant to be. If you fail at it, get up and keep trying.

9. Share your thoughts with those that matter. If they disregard or disrespect your feelings, well then you know that those are not the people who should be in your life. Adjust accordingly and set the sails and move on away from the anchor dragging you down.

10. Just enjoy each moment of your life as if it is your last. Talk to strangers on the bus, hug longer, cry when you feel sad, keep the memories fresh and alive and keep making more. Don’t wait for someday to do what you want to do, do it now. Tomorrow may be too late and living with regrets will never make a person joyful or happy. Do it. Get out there now and do it.

I lived the most inspiring and awesome days this past weekend, found an old friend (Dad) who has truly become “Dad” now, let go of an old friend (Zip) to the wind and earth of our home, saw a full blue moon, was given the most special gifts of the heart, and saw rain and sun and thunder all at the same time in the sky above me. I sat beside tranquil waters and truly laughed till it hurt. I forgave. I felt alive again and whole.
This life is truly amazing. I couldn’t ask for more but you know what? I will. I will rush headlong into the day and wrap my arms around the joy of my soul and say we’re not done till I say were done and that is that. Look out world, here I come. Come on, you can come too or if you’re not ready, will meet you on the way.
Peace and blessings X Infinity.

And about the photo: was showing Dad all the fun one can have on an ipad camera. This was just one of our silly stretch faces. Still laughing. Really, we look amazing in real life.


How to enjoy life….(step away from that device)

Hello most amazing people. You are all looking so very beautiful and fit and tanned today. The summer is upon us full throttle and I saw the weather forcast this morning and thought life had ended and we were all in hell. I mean 90+ degrees, really? Now here I am trying to sell our house and hot, sweltering, and I get the “why can’t I be swimming in the pond instead of next door in the shade at the neighbors cabin trying to keep the dogs in check?” attitude. Oh, and they have only an outhouse at the cottage…and no running water….and the realtors never call us when they’re done so two days of showings later spending an hour and a half each showing and waiting patiently when I could be floating like a scoop of ice cream in rootbeer but in a pond. They never call to tell us they’re done….kind of rude I thought even after we told them to. But such as life and I get over it and I am actually enjoying this hot balmy weather and with the ultimate move to Florida, that is a great feeling. I am embracing it. I am giving myself a big damp hug and saying “baby, this is just the start”, and then I visualize Buffalo in the winter and if I am in Florida by then, WOW. From hell to the arctic and back. Ok, it’s not really hell and I was just kidding that it was….hell is when I’m stuck in a group environment and no one is talking to each other….if sitting around the campfire, the flickering flames cast an eerie glow, leaving our faces in shadow…but what’s that I see? The glow of a phone, or two, or five…..What ever happened to conversation? The stuff you have with the person sitting next to you….the tales you weave, the songs you may sing (kumbaya comes to mind for campfires for some reason). Hey, how’s your day? Let’s start there….and you get the mumbled response. They are looking down, not at you and their mind is somewhere but certainly not here at this moment. Now I think that is just the saddest thing. Really, we are supposed to be connected by the universal invisible string (picture super big ginormous piece of tooth floss) tying us all in together in this big amazing world and you want to sit and text your friend who is sitting next to you?
Wow, now that is just sad.
Have you ever sat next to someone and looked into their eyes for an extended amount of time and just marveled at the thoughts that ran through your head? Maybe wondered what they are thinking at the same exact moment? It is an incredible feeling and it connects you to others in such a simple way.
Take for example my bestie…
My bestie is in California? camping (well, she lives in Cali but I’m not sure if she is camping in the state) but anyway, we met at a conference of sorts on infinite possibilities in Key West six months ago. She was older than me and kind of took me in like a mother duck. Well one of the exercises we had was to pick the person next to us and just sit there and stare into each others eyes and connect. We had to wish something for them or describe what we saw when we looked inward so deeply. Well her and I have become the best of buds, and she is camping. Away from technology and the world at large…old school camping pretty much with a group but alone ultimately. I am so very jealous in a way but so very happy for her opportunity to prove that she can do it…unless there’s an earthquake which I hope not. But to do something like that, getting completely away and not at a hotel with a tv or radio or endless distraction. So I did a little experiment the other day and went off the grid for three days. I didn’t even open my ipad which is my email/FB/everything connection to the world. I would walk by it and reach out to flip the cover and gently remind myself that ‘NOPE”, you are not to touch it. I spent time outside, I hugged a tree, I danced in the garage with the dogs when no one was watching. I TALKED to real life people. I put the gadgets away and you know what I found? Peace. Yes, Peace and damn did it feel good. I felt centered. I felt alive and at one. I took in the sights and scents of fresh air, I sat by the pond and watched the fish swish around and got downright giddy when I heard an owl one morning making its hooty sounds. I smiled, and it was enough. I was where I needed to be, present in the moment and aware of it.
Sadly day four and back to reality with 264 emails to respond to. I knocked those off, rearranged my priorities and got rid of somethings I thought I wanted to deal with but ultimately measured against would it make me happy to continue down that path, if I answered no, I gently pressed the delete button. I love this life I am given and these days are rushing by so very quickly. I don’t want to be the one in the end wondering what kind of quality life did I leave? Was I creative, putting something beautiful and inspiring out into this world or did I carelessly fritter it away on what in the end would amount to nothing? I chose quality over distraction and feel much better for it. If I had one take away from it, it brought into my memory my friend who died a few months ago short of her 28th birthday (or possibly 29th). The last time she came to dinner as we sat discussing our days (her, myself and hubs) I remember feeling so let down as she held the phone in her hand throughout the meal and spent most of it looking into her lap texting. I hope it was important but I would have instead liked to have had the words from her lips that will now no longer ever be. Wasted time is lost time and I’m tired of losing it needlessly. I will set aside one day a week now and go off the grid. I will turn off the phone, the ipad and I will live. I will sing, and laugh and perhaps even swim in that pond on a gorgeous sunny hell hot day and I will relish in the memories I will make. I don’t need a selfie of my life. It lives in my mind and will till I die.
Give it a try my friends. It will be hard for sure, but once you do it and you listen to the whisper of the wind through the trees or hear an apple fall and that dull thunking sound it makes as it hits the ground, or the drone of the big bulky bumblebee humming in a flower, then you know you are tuned into the greatest frequency. The frequency of life. Let me know if you do and if you feel more at peace. Be alive and in the meantime, see you on the peaceful side.
Peace and blessings,

PS. not sure what day I may pick to go off the grid, we have some rain coming in the next few days and I’m thinking of porch rocking (under protected roof of course) in a lightning storm may just be what the peace doctor ordered. Care to join in? I’ll set out an extra chair. photo is my happy messy desk at home….lots of fun and color. Set loose the inner child.

Lessons in gratitude….a letter to the universe

Dear universe,
I know I don’t say it enough but thank you. I woke up this morning and yesterday too for that matter and there was just so much peace flowing through me that I had to actually stop and try to figure out why. (and also how I can I bottle up that awesomeness for a rainy day too of course) and the sun popped up while I stood under the big awesome sky above me and it too was amazing. I said it out loud, “thank you” and for every little thing that had happened the prior days, good or bad I continually just said thank you. Even if it seemed not so good, I again said thanks. For each little gesture or sign, again I said thank you and you know what? you kept bringing more and more. I must say I was a bit floored for awhile thinking “why me?” I don’t deserve to have this much joy and then the little voice above said YES, you do. I had been pondering a part of the book I am going to be working on and six hours asking aloud on which choice would be better for where I’m going with the story, I see my answer on a sign in front of church while waiting at a red light. The same exact answer to what I was pondering (under the apple tree is what the sign said). I asked it to show me certain numbers and BOOM, done. Still not quite believing, the next day I asked for another set of numbers and not only did I get the new ones I had asked for, I also got a replay of the ones from the day before….I think you were laughing at me, truly I do. But I laughed too and said thank you. The more open and loving I am being, the more I am receiving. It is truly awesome but you were just waiting for me to believe, to see, right? So flash back a few days ago and I wrote a piece about a bible set from when my father was a child he had been given that I had put out at my garage sale (for free, no charge) and how they had no meaning to me. After all, I hadn’t spoken to him in over 20 years so why keep them? Funny you, Mr Universe, upon putting the house on the web for sale, we went to the realitor to find out if there had been any progress. He asked about a name on his message machine and if I truly knew that person. Who would that person be? My father. He lives out of state. Well I was a bit flummoxed to say the least and most likely spelled that wrong too but who cares, right? Yep, but he didn’t find me through the blog that I had written a few days before, but it was through a chain series of events that had nothing to do with what I had written. And now he’s coming to town and getting older and wants to see his girls before he departs (not that I think he’s dying or anything nor did he say he was), but Wow Universe….Because I put it out there, he who shall not be spoken of and because I came to accept what is and no longer hold any hard feelings (I thought I had no feelings about it one way or the other)and to just let it go, let it be. I feel so much peace. So you’ve given me the numbers I’ve asked for, my father back into my life, and I am walking on air with the possibility of what will come next. I am opening myself up to not being angry or irritated by expectations that I may have for others, I am just letting it flow through my life like the river of joy it has become. Now I may still have my days when I wonder what you’re thinking when something happens that makes me feel sad, when I try to get others to join me in this fantastic voyage that is life and am all but given the “talk to the hand, no interest” attitude. I am moving forward regardless. So I know you are going to send me through this life with the most amazing tribe of friends that you we can muster and I know we are going to have so much fun. Darn, I can’t stop saying it enough but Thank you!!!! I feel so truly grateful for these little blessings and gifts, I had to share this with my world. Hope you don’t mind.
I am singing a song in my heart….can you guess what it is? I woke up singing it this morning and haven’t stopped….’cause everyday is “gonna be the best day of my life”, dontcha know it. Come on, let’s get crazy and dance this amazing day away. Thank you.
Thanks a million….can’t wait to see what’s up your cloud sleeve next.

Lessons learned in grouting…..(you CAN do it too!)

Hello my beautiful friends,
I hope this day is bright and shining for you and that you are smiling, having fun or perhaps even sleeping in if that’s what floats your boat today. I slept in yesterday and for the life of me, cannot remember the last time I had done that. It felt good. It was awesome, and I wasn’t even mad at myself for doing it. When the body needs its batteries recharged, it always behooves us to listen to the prompts it gives us.
I also hit the book store yesterday and spent a little dough on a gift for a friend (it always makes me happy to give gifts that I think will make someones day a little brighter) and I bought myself one too while I was at it. The book I grabbed is E-Cubed. I thought I had picked up E-Squared and was a bit dismayed once I started reading to find I had “part two” in my fingers. I am always fearful of reading a second in a series before the first, but in this case I don’t think it really matters in the big scheme of things. I am adoring this book. It is making me think. It is making me smile and being a big proponent of manifesting, it was right up my alley. It is written by Pam Grout in case you want to run out and grab a copy. I had heard great things about the first book and am running the tests asking the universe for silly things. I’ll be damned but it’s working….but I knew it would….
So about the whole grout thing…
We are getting the house ready to sell and the tile floor needed to be grouted in spots and re glued where the tiles had come up. Now Kimmie says to herself, this is man’s work….I don’t know how to do crap like that….I can paint, I can stain and I can dance naked like a hot MOFO but grout? Nope, not my thing. Well a week has gone by and it still had not been done and now I’m getting a bit, shall I say, grumpy? about the whole affair. I am told it’s not hard to do so WHY on God’s green earth are feet (not mine I must say) being dragged in getting this job done ??? Short Answer….Who cares! I let it go and said screw it, I can do this. I will be an amazing grouter. I can slap some junk in the cracks and smooth it out like moisturizer on a wrinkle monster. Yep, why not? (I spackle the wrinkles daily just to keep them happy)
Got my bucket of water, my pail of pretty charcoal grey grout, my big metal thingy and put on some classic rock to boogie to while I worked. BOOM two hours later and done. Mastered it like a PRO I must say. So what did I learn from this, or what did I find so amusing in hindsight? Here I am going out of my comfort zone doing something I thought I couldn’t do and I mastered it. I just said to myself, “girl, what have you got to lose?” I had fun. I sang to the dogs that were watching, I danced on my butt and I rocked that job. I am woman grout master, see me spackle…..and I even cleaned all of the crap up that I used to do the job too. Tidy and clean and now I am writing to you about my adventure in grouting. So what began my day? Reaching for the rising sun and being happy. Singing happy songs and spending time with my new book….which is written by Pam Grout. Get the gist? Grout. I did a double dose of Grout and I embraced it. There’s nothing I can’t do. I just need to get out there and do it. I can’t be afraid of the unknown, I need to rush headlong into life laughing like a banshee and yelling “Watch this shit Peeps” see me fly.
What an amazing feeling. Learning and loving it on a Sunday afternoon.
So what have you learned new lately that’s left you feeling proud, accomplished and happy? Share it with the world ’cause we can all learn from each other and embrace the good things that are happening in our world.
Let me know….would love to hear about it. As I told the hubs when he came in to peruse the job I did, “so easy a cave Kimmie can do it”. Yep, I rock…..Now what can I break and fix next? Hmmmm…the possibilities are endless…..
Oh, and this isn’t me…..maybe yesterday but certainly not today.
Peace and love and learning happy.

On the importace of honesty

Hello most beautiful souls and welcome to another day of your amazing life. I hope things have been going well for you and that all you want and desire is being manifested for you by this amazing universe. Today I am going to share some things I’ve been learning about the truest and most important gift you can bestow upon yourself. I am not talking chocolate or clothes or a fine trip or anything, that’s easy peasy stuff. I want to talk about honesty and truth. A friend of mine who I make a lunch date with each week to talk on the phone long distance for an hour about what we are discovering on our journeys to self, had a nice talk yesterday on just this topic. Being honest with yourself. Now if you’re like me you can put on your rosy tinted or purple tinted in my case glasses and look at life with what you think are amazing eyes and can usually talk  yourself into the most pleasant of moods by doing this, right? I mean when you get up in the morning and put your foot on the floor it’s you who start the day by deciding on how you are going to treat it, and maybe tell yourself how it’s going to treat you (not so good if you happen to step immediately into a pile of dog doody-(not that that’s ever happened) but you make choices in your life from the moment you get up till the moment you go to bed. It’s your choice. All of it. What to put in your pie hole to what snazzy outfit you are going to wear, to what route you’re going to take to work and morphs into how you are going to treat those around you. Well what happens when you wake up and you feel like crap? What happens when that alarm goes off and you realized you set it an hour too late. You get angry with yourself and if you’re like me,  you like to tell yourself that you can get beyond this stuff. You can let the drama go and get over it and life will be all sunshine and rainbows, right? Well what if it isn’t? What then? What if you know better but still get bogged down in the slime of life because you just don’t feel like dealing with this crap? Blame it on the moon in Cancer….blame it on what you want, but acknowledge how you feel. Sit down for a few minutes and just stop and think. Stop treating yourself so harshly for being human. You are allowed to have any feelings you want to and you can act any way you want to as long as it doesn’t affect someone else in a negative way….don’t be the one to piss on their cheerios……Be honest with yourself. Why are you feeling this way? Own your feelings. Talk to someone about your feelings, but be honest. I’ve been so busy lately and not following my own rules. I have my fingers in so many things I think at the time is what I want to do, but once the avalanche starts moving towards me I am finding alot of what I thought I wanted to do, isn’t making me happy. Signing up for this, that, and the other thing leaves me lately feeling overwhelmed. I don’t like myself when I am not at peace and I knew I had to do something about it, but first I had to be honest with myself. What is really important to me? What can be shelved for another date without upsetting me or someone else too terribly? I wake up to over 100+ emails and those aren’t including the ones I contend with when I get into work.  My brain goes 80 miles an hour when I wake up and doesn’t stop till I fall into bed exhausted when the sun is barely setting. Something had to change and for that to happen I needed to be honest with how I was feeling, what I am capable of doing and for that matter, what do I really need and want to do. Some were quite a shock to me to realize that I was doing something that was benefitting someone else but was not being true to what I feel and want. I’ve always been afraid of incurring the wrath of someone for not doing what they wanted or what I was supposed to. It’s funny but when it comes right down to it and you can be honest with yourself, others see that truth and most of the times are not angry. They may be hurt but honesty is so very important to everyone. I am moving lately towards spending my time in quality ways, with quality people and when I want to. If someone wants something and I am unwilling at the time to do it, I just say no. I don’t need to give an explanation and I don’t need to justify myself, just a simple no, I’m sorry but I can’t. If they raise a stink about it, then they’re not the kind of people that you need to bother too much with, plain and simple. Sometimes it has to be about you….for your sanity, for your happiness and most of all for your peace. Be honest. What can it hurt? It will most certainly help.

Goldilocks and the damn gummy bears

Hi my friends, I apologize for not being around much lately. It has been a whirlwind of cleaning, painting, garage sale on a monsoon like day and other such fun. The house is finally on the market, everything almost looks pretty and the realization is finally settling in that this most likely won’t be our home anymore in the next few months. I know there is no excuse for not making the time to touch base. I am sorry as I’ve missed our little reinvention chats.
So today I need to come clean. I’ve become an addict and am currently in the process of just saying no whenever possible. I used to chuckle at the time suck of games and have now found myself not laughing very much at looking into the mirror and realize that just like my husband, I can’t let go very easily of the bears. I don’t mean the football team nor the lions and tigers and bears variety. No, I am talking once again Gummy. I have been not following my own advice and have spent just a tad bit too much time finding the bears (or often not finding them, board after board, after board).
I ask my friends for help and they enable me, they send me more….I rarely run out and I think that is a great thing for my friends to help me so much and so often, but it is not helping me to face the truth.
I am a soda crush addict.
I have even learned to wave my arms around like the little doll does when “I found the bears”. But how much time have I wasted on moving the shiny things around like an OCD squirrel chasing nuts? TOO MUCH DAMN TIME!!!! Ok, yep, I get it. My bad. But now that it’s out there, what to do? HMMMMM,, think…think….ah, root cause analysis.
Is it fun to be bested by a stupid game? NOPE
Am I getting the housework that needs getting done? YEP, believe it or not, as I have incorporated the “you can’t play another game till the laundry is folded” and I’ll be damned if I don’t get it done lickety split.
Am I getting much writing done? Well….no not really and that my friends is what hurts. Here I spend time wasting precious moments of my life on pretty colors and the challenge. Is it worth it? No…..it’s not.
So why do I do it then? There is the dilemma…..
I am like that big green lumpy bear hiding below the honey not wanting to come out. All the little moments that are leading up to the move are the honey that I am below. The realization that there are still so many decisions to make. Like moving the colors around to match and clear the board. Every time we accomplish another feat, it brings us that much closer to the move. Each little piece that we pack or sell and as the house empties (kind of like the board being cleared for all but a few colors), We are going to have to say goodbye and start our new life. It is exciting but yet so many memories are here and we will have to hold them in our minds to take with us. To scatter the ashes of our beloved pets in the place that was their home, watching the garage sale progress as our little knick-knacks left in someone else’s hands, and the house looks amazing free from the clutter of the things we collected.
I think what happened somewhere along the way is it just got so much easier letting my mind focus on the outer things, the bears, the candy, the chocolate sprinkle balls….basically the game was the escape. But there is no escape and even if I find the bears there will always be another board to float the little bastards to safety, to uncover them or un bubblegum them…..it doesn’t end. But what has to end is I need to stop escaping into this world of shiny things and focus on the important things.
I need to walk in the woods more and enjoy these moments. To make memories walking with the pups as it will be alot different in the new home. Trading the woods for a beach isn’t a bad trade off. I won’t have time to play crush as I will have nice weather year round for the most part where I can get out and play the game of life. Now that sounds like a great idea. I will leave the bears in the honey and I will chase shiny things on the beach, and those minutes will be priceless. So thank you friends for sending me the lives…..please only send now for the regular crush game in my name as the husband plays that but not being on facebook has no friends to send him lives, except for the world wide friends that send him some.
I think I may pick a day of no internet access. I shall call it Enjoy your Life Day. Now that sounds like a game I’d like to play….with no time to lose, maybe I shall start today when I get home from work, although it may rain later, I suppose I could write here instead and spend quality time with my little web friends. Now that’s the way to enjoy life, don’t you think?
Yeah, me too……
See you soon my beautiful friends. Take a moment to Enjoy your day too. Maybe we can start a happy revolution….just tell goldilocks to leave the bears at home. They’re not that much fun….

The Psychology of Self-Motivation

I am amazed by this TED talk. Take the time to watch the video and you will not be sorry. Learning to be better people I believe is something we all strive for and learning from others is most important. Being a tribe of souls on a journey and expanding our perceptions, seeing things from other points of view, that’s what life is all about. Listen especially to the story about the cookies.

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Do you ever wonder why you just canโ€™t get certain things done in your life. You know you want to but for some reason you always find something else to do instead.

Watch this short TED Talk โ€“ it may just throw some light on Why.




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