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The collection…a story of feelings

Hello beautiful ones. I hope this day has found you feeling jubilant and special. Why? Because you are and that’s why I’m here…to remind you of things you need to tell yourself more often. Come on, say it with me…I am jubilant and sooooo special. See, I know you’re most likely chuckling, I know I do every time I say it but it is the truth and now you know, and if anyone asks, just tell ’em I said so.

So our little reading story for today is about collecting. I’m not talking about money, I am talking about those things that you cherish. Those bits of this and that that have a place in your happiness box ¬†or jar. Those things. Tell me, what is it about those things that make you happy? Is it the memory attached to it? Was it perhaps where you were when you found it? Maybe it is just simply the beauty or uniqueness of the item?

When I was a child I would collect rocks. Everywhere I went, I would find a special rock to remind me of the places I had been. I had books on rocks. I knew what specimen it was and of course they were just rocks but to me they were my special rock collection. I had a few boxes stashed under my bed and a few on the shelf but for the most part, just plain old ordinary found in Charlie Browns Halloween bag rocks. So what was so special? Really, nothing much. After awhile I had so many they kind of lost their meaning. I was out west on a motorcycle trip and picked up glittery rocks, red rocks, petrified rocks, geodes, you name it. When I got home though, they kind of just sat there forgotten and a few years later when I ran across them, I couldn’t remember where I had gotten them, or what state. There was no specialness anymore. I threw them all in the garden for someone in the future to find and went about my day. I didn’t miss them. I had seen the sights and wouldn’t forget that so why hold onto the tangible item. I let it go. I didn’t have to keep hanging onto these collections. I narrowed my collection down to just a few choice specimens. The ones that held meaning for me. The ones that when I held them, truly made me feel connected and good. Feelings are like that too. I can’t hold onto feelings anymore. I can’t gather them all up and hold onto them. I need to let them be, to let them float freely around and embrace them when they are here but then let them go. Writing has given me that place. I can just write and letting the words flow and set them free to the world. I don’t want to hold onto the bad feelings, they too must go and the good can stay awhile while I enjoy the happy vibe that accompanies them but then I need to let those go, share them with someone who may need them more than me. I think my life became much simpler when I stopped collecting. Rocks, words, feelings…life needs to keep flowing like the river of abundance that it is and I can’t be weighed down by the trove of treasure. By sharing and setting it free I found I can not only float down the river, but I can climb out and soar freely.

What is it you’re collecting? What would happen if you let some of it go…set it free or gave it away to someone in need. Just a thought to make. Your day a little lighter. Use it or don’t, I won’t feel bad…I gave the feelings away already. And it’s all good.

Peace and blessings my friends. Kim