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All aboard, next stop…destination procrastination

Hello there my beautiful friends and I hope this day is finding you all charged up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after some of you may have lost that hour of sleep. You can’t tell to look at you because you KNOW how beautiful you are. I am writing today about one of my absolute favorite topics…Procrastination. For me this is such a wide topic I will most likely split it into several articles over the next few weeks but today we are going to talk about a healthy exercised body (or in some cases not so much). Hmmm…where to begin. Okay….enough dragging of the feet. Exercise. That word which to me most often ranks right up there with Dieting.
See, I can see the jump up and down excitement on your face over those two words but I can do you one better. I am so awesome….at procrastining. I tell myself often, I’ll find the time or maybe this weekend or as soon as I’m done here wasting time doing what I think is busy work but I know it for what it really is….Now repeat after me….Time Suck….yep, that’s what it is. Be it a video game or daydreaming out the window like the little boy Ralphie from the old Bugs Bunny cartoon…wasting away the moments that make up a dull day….
So, how do we beat this TIME SUCK attitude that we can all have? We know what needs to get done. Now we just need the oomph to get it done. Well I find getting angry at myself (not for real of course) but a mental guilt trip and a speech worthy of a king…see it goes like this.
“Yay, I got the dishes all washed, so now I get to take a break and sit down because you know I’ve been busy at work all day and I need a break. Besides, this way they can drip dry and it won’t be so much more work”. And then I never get back to them.
And then I wake up in the morning and see the pile of now semi dry dishes and I get angry at myself for being a lazy slug and not doing them in the first place….Now I look at the clock and tell myself “girl, had you done them in the first place you wouldn’t be so pissy now”. Sooooo…fast forward to the next night, the next load of what seems some days like a never-ending pile of dishes. As soon as I go into my slug routine, I tell myself “look hon, just think if you get them all done tonight, think how much easier your morning will be” And then I tell myself all the things I’m going to get done instead…morning me time ROCKS….time to read, to write, to NOT have to do dishes. What an amazing concept.
Which gets me back to the original line of thought…see, even my mind procrastinates…Exercise. Yeah, about that….
Did I tell you I have an Amazing yoga DVD? It came in a box with a mat and a book. The mat is nice and cushy and the book shows all the yoga positions you will use during the video. Yeah, it is amazing….except I’ve never even put the DVD into the machine. But the box is pretty. The mat is blue…Yeah, about that. I look at it every day, figuring if I put it near my dresser when I get my wardrobe of awesomeness out I will see it and I will FINALLY try it. Then my brain being the funny little creature it likes to be actually forces me to grab the video, hold it in my dry little hands and words come from nowhere that I knew existed. “Maybe I’ll get fit by osmosis”. If I hold it long enough it surely must work. Now even I know better than that. So, what’s a girl to do? I have dishes to do, I have no time to work out. I have Time to suck away…no time….so I will make a date with myself. Grab that calendar and put in a spot when I know I will get to it. And if I don’t do it, well, I will worry about that when I don’t. Maybe no writing for me until I get it done…what do you think?
What works best for you when it comes to procrastination?
What gets you off your butt and moving?
See, we are doing this together and being imperfect as I’ve said before, we will muddle through together being the beautiful creatures we are….but maybe later. Who knows.
Let me know your thoughts….we can make a difference together.

Sorry I just felt the need to insert the sponge twice…he makes me smile and maybe I will laugh about this later….get it, later???


I’ll have what she’s having….the hidden green monster

Hello beautiful and welcome to another lovely moment in your life. By now I hope your habit is settling nicely into your routine and I will add an extra Hello beautiful to your day in case you’ve forgotten.So today we are going to chat about jealousy. You know what that is, right?  That ugly and never beautiful green-eyed little beast that lies deep under the bridge of your psyche. We all remember the movie “When Harry met Sally”, right?


The restaurant scene had me rolling on the floor in laughter (which is great for the abs and heart by the way) but when looking back at it today I get a sense for what the under lying theme was there. An older woman wanting the passionate bliss of the younger more beautiful woman. You know how that is, right? You see a young gorgeous woman maybe with perfect EVERYTHING and you think to yourself, now that is what I want. Well think about it. If that’s what you want to have, it must mean somewhere deep down inside you are finding yourself lacking. If you want it, it means you don’t have it. Jealousy. It makes you feel like crap because you’ll never be beautiful enough in your mind, or your boobs may be sagging now and you don’t feel attractive any more or you may not have the perfect life you’d always dreamed of. It tells its little tales to your mind that convince you that those tales are truth. The tales are lies. Like monsters under the bed that are going to get you, If you tell yourself they are there, you believe it because if you believe it, it must be true, right? The only tales that are true are the good ones you tell yourself. The ones that bring you up and make you happy. The ones YOU tell YOU. The positive thoughts are all that matter, let go the negative as they serve no use. Cast them away as fast as you can because they are the rocks tied to your legs that will pull you under and drown you.


The next stone of jealousy to be cast away are relationships and your thoughts. Perhaps it goes as far as a couple vibrantly happy that you see out dining or walking down a beach. You know the ones that just exude energy and passion. You look at your own life that may be hum drum and think why can’t I have that? Did you ever think that below your perception of how you see things, that maybe what you see isn’t quite real? Maybe you don’t see the bad times others have gone through, the feelings below the surface of each person before you. Maybe that happy couple is really a husband having an affair with his mistress on holiday. Not so perfect then, is it?


Or maybe the happy masks people wear in public are hiding an abusive life at home, or it could be that they may truly be happy. Great then, but they are not you. The point here is really about you and how you feel about yourself. The next time you see something and think, “I’ll really be happy if I were that beautiful, or if I had that relationship”, ask yourself what is it about your perception that is really driving that want. Change your view on how you see yourself, challenge the inner you to tell yourself that YOU are just as beautiful and are just as happy but in a way that’s about you. Put on some clothes that make you feel amazing and go out into the world acting as if you are amazing because you are. Hold your head high and smile at the world and for once, don’t give a crap about what anyone else thinks. Care only about how you feel. You will become your thoughts. If you want to feel beautiful, know that you are. Don’t rely on someone else to validate the way you feel, because you are the only one that matters. If someone laughs because you are skipping down the road with a song belting out of your lungs because you feel alive, laugh along with them because when others see you filled with joy, they then get visited by the green-eyed monsters. They will look at you and say, “I want what she’s having” and in that moment you will win because you will feel it deep within.  This is my personal view of beautiful:


I see a perfect body, a beautiful dress and a relaxed woman. But what I also see is someone who is not me. I don’t want to be her. She is already her own person as am I. I respect the beauty but I have no illusions that it could be me because I am spectacular the way I am, the way I was born and the way I look. I will get older, I will get more gray and I love who I am. I tell myself each day and that mind-set makes me so happy and free. Free to be me.

We are imperfect people at best on a good day but the difference between the truly happy and the rarely if never happy peeps are the thoughts that we tell ourselves as we wake each day. We can either wake up and say what another crap day it’s going to be (unless it’s about the weather and we KNOW we can’t change that) or we can wake up, stretch our recharged muscles, fling open the window shades like Julie Andrews blissfully running across the meadow and say Hello World, I am here and I am in charge of me and I’m gonna rock this day in a most amazing way. Smile in the mirror, hell, jump up and down and say YES, I am amazing and I am alive. Banish those green nasty thoughts to the bottom of the trash of ugliness and let those rainbow happy YOU ARE AMAZING thoughts shine!



Because it’s all about the Brie …..not the Kraft

By now I’m sure you’ve  heard the song “all about that bass” or in some cases wish you hadn’t. I don’t have much bass to say the least but if you are on your way to the bass you gotta hit the speed bump that is known as my stomach first. Well now, that’s more about the Brie….and the swiss, and the cheddar, and the fondue, and the ….well, you get the idea.  Yep, I love my cheese. As a child the fondest memories were of parties at the holidays and tables filed with champagne glasses, fresh fruit (or at least  as fresh as you could get in the deep arctic of winter in Western New York) and of course cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Did I say there was cheese there?

Yes, all about that lovely soft goodness…which was great when I was young but alas, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can no longer ignore. I’m not that young anymore and with wisdom and bigger pants comes the lightbulb moment I had waited for. I cannot have my dream job….


But I can have something much better….a longer life filled with the cheese I adore, but at just the right amounts. I can buy a brick of swiss and by gosh eat it in a week, and a very large wedge at that…or I can gather some nuts and berries and eat more of the healthy stuff and still nibble like a mouse.


Berries and kiwi and apples, oh my. I can eat the colors of the sweetest rainbow and make less room for the cheese. It worked…

As time went by I found I did not miss the platter of cheese, cheese, and only cheese and I felt so much better. One baby step to feeling better and it worked. Now I’m not saying I have left cheese alone. Not by far and the other day was gifted with a box of my childhood favorite, Kraft Macaroni and cheese in the blue box of course…When did it call for a whole stick of butter? Or had I been in denial all of this time? After eating some I realized, if I am going to build my body to where I want to be, it could certainly improve more if I had instead, one little wedge of Brie or swiss and I would feel so much better. It’s all about what makes you feel better, right? I am not denying what I want but instead replacing the crap boxed cheesy stuff for the spectacular. If I want just a little cheese, I go into the store and have them cut just a small wedge…why tempt myself with an enormous piece…because it will go bad, right? So there for I will need to eat it faster, right? And I can’t waste it so I must eat it all and soon, right?

Nope! Just a little will suffice. (kind of like the mens cologne…just a little dab will do you). I changed my thoughts away from must have, and want want want, to I just need a little bit to make me smile, to make me feel worthwhile and warm and cozy inside. I buy swiss now in ultra thin slices and just have one, and no more guilt. I deserve to have a piece. I am worth it.

I am not worth eating the entire brick….see, I can have my cheese and eat it too….keeps the inner mouse quiet.


Now about this cheese cake. Nothing says love more than high cholesterol and clogged arteries, right? Just sayin’.

So go for the brie, but just a little and skip the blue boxes and the speed bump will thank you in the long run…the cows may not be so happy but then there’s more for someone else, right?

Step away from the table… keep calm and nibble on.



Hello world! And welcome beautiful! Yes you….

First steps….one, two, three….now that we are on the move we can really begin.
Welcome beautiful!!
I know you’re thinking um, yeah right. My hair is a mess, my house is a mess, and my life is a mess. I’m cranky, the dog wet on the carpet yet again, and nothing is going right.
I am not beautiful, I am a mess and my life is a train wreck waiting to happen. No one likes me, I am miserable and tired and I’ve had enough….sound familiar?
Yeah, me too…a short time ago. A story for another day.
You know what these words are? These thoughts? These are reflections distorted through our filter that are killing us slowly. These are the things we tell ourselves and you know what? After awhile we believe it. Our thoughts define us and if those thoughts are mean, negative, and nasty then we become these in the flesh.
Let’s get naked shall we? Okay, I don’t mean literally unless you happen to be sitting in bed reading this in the buff and in that case, have at it friend. By naked means to strip away and uncover the cloak of dark and replace it with light, any light. Get up and find a mirror, I’ll wait….okay are your there? Now memorize this phrase and say it out loud, “hello beautiful”.
Stop laughing, I see you….really, say it again and look at your body and say it again a little louder. HELLO BEAUTIFUL. If someone hears and laughs, ignore them, or laugh along because it is true. The first step begins, treating your body and your self as the God or Goddess you are. Until you start to say it, you will never believe it. Go on, say it again…feeling it yet? Okay, I hope so. If I were there, I would say it with you, to you. We need to start by thinking good thoughts about us. About you, me, the people around you. Everyone. If you keep thinking negatively, you will remain in the dark little life you’re living.
Now your task is to repeat this every time you pass a mirror or a window with your reflection. They say once you do something ten times it becomes a habit. You are now tasked with this first step. Keep doing it, and you will be it! This is about you and the life you want for you. Not about a spouse, a child, or a family member. This is about you! Take the time in your life to give yourself a bit of love. As they said there is no happy we without a happy me. Do not care about the we yet, that will come later, so for now this about you and only you.
Great job beautiful, you did perfectly,so now keep it up.
Step one done, check….see, we’re getting somewhere….baby steps….
Congratulations and have I told you yet how beautiful you are? image